MAGNETISM: Cerneala cu miez de fier!

Dollar Bleeding

EarthRoyal Arch SignEven though the dollar bill is called „paper money,” the material it is printed on isn’t actually paper. It’s actually fabric, a blend of cotton and linen, with minute silk fibers of red and blue running through the weave. In fact, just about everyone has washed a dollar bill left in their pocket, and they’re always still intact when the clothes come out of the dryer. A special blend of ink is used to print the green color on the material, and then the symbols are printed on top. A sheet of dollar bills is stretched to make them water resistant and then pressed before being cut, to give the bills the nice crisp look that new money has before it is circulated. (SURSA)

One Iron Core DollarPaper dollar bills are printed with magnetic inks. This can be shown by dangling a dollar bill in one hand, and showing how the bottom end can be moved when a strong magnet is brought near. This can be followed by the extracting the magnetic ink from the bill using a blender and a magnet. Students are surprised when you destroy money–the sample for analysis. This destruction is the dilemma encountered with most analyses–for example, authenticating art masterpieces or an artifact such as the Shroud of Turin. Students are also amazed at how much iron is in a single dollar bill. (SURSA)

MAGIE: Cât sânge este într-un dolar?

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