ETIMOLOGIE: Thaler – Daalder – Dollar

First DollarJoachimsthaler21520. It was derived from the Germanic word thaler, which is short for Joachimsthaler meaning from the Joachim valley (thal). This Bohemian valley was famous in the 16th century for its great silver mines. The coins made from this silver were known to be very pure and therefore soon became extremely popular as an export currency throughout Europe.

Daalder1636. By the 17th century Holland had become a world trade power with its own version of the thaler depicting a lion on it. They called it the leeuwendaalder changing thaler into daalder. Between 1614 and 1674 the Dutch colonized the island of Manhattan and founded the town of New Amsterdam (now New York). Naturally they took their leeuwendaalder with them. The currency soon became the most popular trading currency on the island. In daily life the leeuwendaalder was referred to as daalder or daaler because it was shorter. The aa sound became  an o sound either under influenced of English or as a result of the typical Amsterdam dialect that tends to pronounce aa as oa.

SpanishDollar21770. During the 18th century the Dutch dollar lost influence to the Spanish real which was made of purer silver from South America. But by then the name dollar was already such commonplace that the English applied it to the real as well, turning it into Spanish dollar. When the Americans had to choose between pounds, dollars or some unknown name for their new currency the choice was easy. And so the American dollar was born!” (SURSA)

Dollar17951795. “The American dollar was born in 1792 as a result of the Coinage Act of that same year. It was modeled after the most popular trade coin of that moment: the Spanish dollar. But it did not take its name from it.

France 5 Francs 1851 vs Morgan Dollar 1878

FRANTA – 5 Francs 1851 vs. SUA – Morgan Dollar 1878

Alexander the Great 1 Alexander the Great 2DRACHMA. „FIRST WORLD CURRENCY” (334 BC). During his short life, Alexander the Great conquered an empire unheard-of before. When he died in Babylon in 323 BC, the entire ancient world from Greece to India was under his control. At that time Greek became a world language, and Alexander’s coins a world currency. The obverse of this drachm shows Alexander in the guise of Heracles, the lion’s skin over his head. Alexander regarded Heracles as the progenitor of his family. With this he also traced his roots back to Zeus, whose son Heracles had been. The father of the gods is depicted on the reverse with a scepter and his eagle. Many legends ranked around Alexander during his lifetime already, for instance that he himself had been a son of Zeus. After another tale Alexander’s parents Olympias and Philip had had dreams before his birth that diviners interpreted as signs that the queen was with child of a boy who would one day prove as stout and courageous as a lion. These are the tales that the images on this coin allude to. DETALII

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