TOTEM: Bancnota care aduce Noroc, Avere si Prosperitate !?

Lucky Strike“THEY RECEIVED EVERY MAN A PENNY”. The Lucky Money Collection is exquisitely designed with decorative Chinese symbolism capturing the significance of the numbers „8888” and „168,” as well as the Zodiac celebrated for the specific Lunar Year. DETALII

We are pleased to introduce the new Lucky 777 notes.  These genuine Series 2009 $1 Federal Reserve notes feature serial numbers beginning with no less than three number 7s in a row, and bear the signature of the Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios.  Each note is protected in a vinyl holder and housed in a New decorative folder. DETALII

Present gifts of good fortune to friends, family members and associates with an uncirculated $1 note with a serial number beginning with „8888” enclosed in an attractive folder festively adorned with Chinese art and symbolism. DETALII

This package features a $1 Note with a Serial Number beginning with the numbers „168.” Achieve a lifetime of good fortune and success with the Prosperity Forever Note.  This uncirculated $1 note is beautifully packaged with decorative Chinese symbolism capturing the significance of the number „168.” DETALII

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