SARPELE CU PENE: Emisarii din SIR-IUS aduc dolari cu dragoste de pe Luna?

Pyramid_Snake_2SIR-SERPENT God Osiris

RENE GUENON: „Pierderea Graalului, sau a unuia dintre echivalentele sale simbolice, înseamnă în cele din urmă pierderea tradiţiei cu tot ceea ce ţine de ea. La drept vorbind, de altfel, această tradiţie este mai degrabă ascunsă decât pierdută, sau cel puţin nu poate fi pierdută decât pentru SIRIUS - SERPENT - ANKH copy SIRIUS - SUMERIAN - ZIGGURAT OF UR - PYRAMID DOLLAR copyanumite centre secundare, atunci când acestea încetează să mai fie în relaţie directă cu centrul suprem. În ceea ce-l priveşte pe acesta din urmă, el păstrează întotdeauna intact depozitul tradiţiei, şi nu este afectat de schimbările care survin în lumea exterioară.

Moon-Goddess Tanit - Sirius - Inca Gold Map


Sarpele cu pene copy

bicu8whdxxcoins-germany-before-1870-rostock-ville-3-pfennig-1761ihb_121947ADin această cauză, conform Sfinţilor Părinţi, şi mai ales Sfântului Augustin, potopul nu a putut atinge Paradisul Old Treasury Seal - A Treasury seal, circa 1800, depicts a watchdog guarding the key to a strongbox. According to legend, the dog is Nero, the first watchdog of the U.S. Mint in 1793terestru, care este “locuinţa lui Enoch şi EagleAndTreasurySealEngravingPãmântul Sfinţilor” [05], şi al cărui vârf “atinge sfera lunară”, adică se găseşte dincolo de domeniul schimbării (identificat cu “lumea sublunară”) în punctul de comunicare dintre Pământ şi Ceruri [06].

Sirius Dog 2

Switzerland 1960 Basel

Sealand Island half dollar 1994Born AgainDar, aşa cum Paradisul terestru a devenit inaccesibil, centrul suprem, care în fond este acelaşi lucru, poate, în cursul unei anumite perioade, să nu mai fie manifestat în exterior, şi atunci se poate spune că tradiţia este pierdută pentru Basel City Basilea 1741ansamblul umanităţii, cã nu mai este conservată decât în unele centre riguros închise, şi masa maica-domnului-icoana-de-la-troita-din-fata-biser-valea-sosii-bacau-besz4835--fullres Sirius_A-Sun_comparison copyoamenilor nu mai participă la ea într-un mod conştient şi efectiv, contrariu a ceea ce avea loc în sfera originară [07], aceasta este condiţia exactă a epocii actuale, al cărui început se află de altminteri mult dincolo de ceea ce este accesibil istoriei obişnuite şi “profane”.

Triple Spirals of Life - 5000 years old[SIRIUS A,B,C?] „Triple Spirals of Life. The symbol of life and energy, also associated with abundance and prosperity, is carved inside the 5000 year-old Newgrange passage mound in County Meath, Ireland. Earth works such as Newgrange have been proven to be ancient solar observatories, whose construction can be said to symbolize the womb of the Goddess. At Newgrange, the male solar deity in the form of light, penetrates the interior of the mound siriusSirius 13, 23, 33through a long tunnel once a year at the winter solstice. The concept of triplism takes many forms in different cultures, the three faces of the Goddess, maiden, mother and crone; the Trinity; and many Celtic gods and goddesses such as Brigid, Macha and the three sons of Uisnech also take on a triple aspect.” SURSA

Enki the Serpent God

The triskele is seen centered beneath Her horseFortuna, Blindfolded Goddess of Luck„Reverse side of coin – the Goddess, Badh Catha is seen bare breasted, with an anthropomorphic bird head, crowned with either 3 large feather plumes or three plumes of Divine Flame coming from the top of Her Head. The 2 figures before Her horse could be astrological diagrams. The triskele is seen, centered beneath Her horse.

Great Pyramid Alignments copy

VULTURUL PIRAMIDAPierderea tradiţiei poate deci, de la caz la caz, să fie înţeleasă în acest sens general, sau să fie raportată la obscurarea centrului spiritual care conducea mai mult sau mai puţin destinele unui Moldova Shield The Bull - 3 stars - Sirius Procyon - Betelgeuse. Early depiction of the celestial goddess Dendera in her bovine aspect - Egyptian Museum Cairoanume popor sau civilizaţii. Trebuie deci, de fiecare dată când se întâlneşte un simbolism legat de acest lucru, să se examineze dacă trebuie să fie interpretat într-un sens sau în celălalt.” (RENE GUENON, Regele lumii, cap.V – Legenda Sfântului Graal, Editura Rosmarin, Bucureşti,1994) SURSA

Great Pyramids - Sirius Betelgeuse Aldebaran

King's Chamber2 Queen's Chamber2


021 Michelangelo-The-Fall-and-Expulsion-of-Adam-and-Eve-Sistine-Chapel_Finger copySIR-IUS = 1. „The suffix -IUS is added to a noun to form an adjective indicating „made of” or „belonging to” that noun”. 2. „As one went to the law courts to sue for one’s rights, IUS also meant justice and the place where justice was sought”. 3. „Jus commune or IUS reptiles40_03 Arcane-Arcana-08-justicecommune is Latin for „common law” in certain jurisdictions. It is often used by civil law jurists to refer to those aspects of the civil law system’s invariant legal principles, sometimes called „the law of the land” in English law.” (SIR = SERPENT)

Sirius ABC Queen

snakeandswan Hermosa aldaba en alguna puerta de Viena, Austriaeye_dollar_pyramid_eye_10xLes premieres Euvres de JACQUES DEVAULX - pillote en la marine - Date d'édition 1583 Art Nouveau door buzzer in Vienna Red Door with Knocker door knocker 2 Medusa door knockerMark Amaru Pinkham: „This Chintamani Stone, which is of extra-terrestrial origin, had supposedly been brought to Earth by emissaries from a planet orbiting the star Sirius and then handed over to Shambhala’s principal resident, the elusive “King of the World,” a monarch known by many mystics in the East but only by a handful of occultists in the West.

Izzax Hercules killing the Dragon


Vlad II Dracul 1436

Ottokar II - King of Bohemia 1251-1276

ISIS - Moon - Maya - Tomis - Osiris

Sumerian Origin of Egyptian Hieroglyphs KHAT FishIn regards to its identity in the Holy Grail legends, the Chintamani Stone appears to be synonymous with the “Stone of Heaven,” the Holy Jesus - Serpent from SiriusGrail manifestation mentioned by Wolfram von Eschenbach in his famous Grail rendition known as Parzival, which is regarded by most Grail scholars to be the most complete and authoritative of the Grail legends.

casket-back-face_2 Holy Grail from Sirius_CThe Chintamani Stone certainly fits the profile of Eschenbach’s enigmatic Stone of Heaven because, like its literary counterpart, the Treasure of the World is said to possess both Hermetic_alchemytumblr_mv1n2jjVIz1rzhtlmo1_1280the power to make a human immortal, as well as to have come to Earth from “Heaven” (Sirius), a truth that is supposedly engraved upon it as Sanscrit letters that Roerich once translated as, “Through the Stars I come. I bring the chalice (Grail) covered with the shield.”

Laws of the Univers - Yankton Dakota Tribe Indian Coin campaign of Alexander the Great


Hermes Snake Farmacy


Sirus Mystery CaduceusDogon Sirius MapArcane-Arcana-08-justice(…) Robert Temple, author of The Sirius Mystery, which records the history of the Dogon people and their encounters with the Sirians, found another possible Earth link with Sirius soon after his book was published.

Members of Freemasonry, who had long Roman-Denari-pleiades-crescknown of Sirius as the Great White Lodge in the Galaxy and commonly depicted it in their lodges as the Blazing Star, contacted Temple and invited him to become an initiate of their organization.


Great Pyramid - Sirius & Orion Door

The Eye & Lost Key024Although Temple could not subsequently find explicit indications that Freemasonry had been in direct contact with Sirian missionaries in the past, he did find intriguing clues connecting them to the star Sirius, including the eye within the triangle symbol which currently surmounts the pyramid on the US seal.



Arcane-Arcana-02-papesse-high-priestessArcane-Arcana-03-imperatrice-empressArcane-Arcana-17-etoile-starThis  triangle, an ancient Freemasonic symbol, depicts the Grand Architect of the Universe and is closely associated with what the Dogon refer to as the “Eye” of the universe, the dwarf star Digitaria, that is part of the trinitized Sirian grouping of stars and recognized by the tribe as the Creator of the Universe.


Pyramid Eye Black Light The Hollow Earth UFOThe US seal eventually became featured on the back of the US dollar bill during the administration of Illuminati Royal BloodlinesFranklin Roosevelt, who was himself a high-ranking Freemason and Shriner, and before that it was the symbol of the eighteenth century Illuminati, who sought to achieve the Sirian goal of a one-world civilization although it is believed they did so with less than purely altruistic intentions.

Arcane-Arcana-05-pape-popeArcane-Arcana-09-hermite-hermitTemple also discovered another clue indicating a close connection between the Freemasons and Sirius: the day of US independence by the Freemasonic fathers, July 4th, is one of the days of the year when our Sun is in its closest alignment with Sirius.”


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